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Hospitality Interiors Magazine recently featured Emerald Eye Cocktail Lounge in their March 2024 web news. See it published here.

"Nestled in a U.S. National Register of Historic Places building, Denver’s Emerald Eye Cocktail Lounge is the newest member of this iconic neighborhood, and a stop for the happy patrons who visit this cocktail oasis daily. This artful remodel by American interior designer Alice Clark, showcases a 3,300 square foot space divided into relaxed areas that shape the subterranean lounge. The project debuted in 2023, and has become the eye of the cocktail scene in the city’s notable Larimer District, recently named one of Denver’s best bars by a local hospitality publication. A renovation of a bar that previously occupied the space, ownership group Pouring with Heart from Austin, Texas, saw the opportunity to take on the remodel, with the help of designer Alice Clark. But it was a quick one.

“No alterations to the building were made, due to the historical status and the need to bypass the building and permit delays. It was an interiors-focused build. We had to get the whole project finished in less than four months, as well,” said Clark.

This compact bar’s ambiance is no canned drink. It’s a custom pour, roaring with the long finish of a dark, illusory color palette punctuated by the sheer elegance of Caribbean-esque tropical funk. You enter off the busy street of Denver’s insider district where business ends and relaxation begins. The lounge beckons, and calls through the two-door vestibule into the basement. Its velvety pink surround greets patrons, leading to an emerald green tile-clad staircase that takes guests into the center of the space, making for a Denver experience that’s a soft, sexy cocktail bar by day and dance space at night.

The lighting makes you feel like you’re under a jungle canopy. It’s enough that you don’t want to nod off, and you can see the complexion of that new date. There’s nothing wrong with getting a little lost in inner space. The project incorporates modular room design with movable walls for comfortable party-of-the-day transitions. The below street getaway hosts a main lounge, dance floor, and undulating booth design for close encounters. The movable walls with cut out eyes are entrancing, increasing the sense of space and changing the mood. 

“We took a chance, and went against the industrial feel many Denver bars have,” said Clark. “We went with a tropical concept, and the managers chose a rum-forward menu to add some fun and diversity to the local community’s thriving bar scene.”

The overall feel is textural, warm, and sensual. A custom scent was added, in collaboration with the designer, with notes of bergamot, amber, and neroli. Their beverage menu is the perfect complement – their signature milk punch is at once spiced and creamy, completing the full sensory experience. The Larimer District bars have never been more diverse, and chic."

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