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Alice Clark is a licensed interior designer that works with visionary business owners in the hospitality, creative commercial, retail, and events space markets. A former employee of global architecture group Perkins & Will, Alice started her career with interior design work that required complex integration. With this depth of practice, her practical knowledge of construction and on-site challenges allows her to seamlessly build custom interior components and work closely with architects. She focuses her practice on projects that intertwine both architecture and interiors, always thinking in a multi-disciplinary way.

Aesthetically, Alice’s interiors are textural, spirited, and immersive. With a distinct sense of place being priority over emulating specific trends, her interiors inspire curiosity, delight, and often rouse a new mood. She believes that interiors that include crafted objects and strong brand concepts result in a more successful and complete spatial experience. Alice Clark currently works at Delineate Studio in Austin, TX, and also accepts her own clients.  


Peter Stanislaus,

Chief Development Officer

at Pouring With Heart Hospitality

"Alice has an incredibly keen eye for beautiful details and maximizing the creative impact of a project, all while understanding the operational and fiscal restraints of the project. Her design runs the gamut from delicate and beautiful to industrial and practical. She truly listens and understands the needs of her clients while still applying her signature sense of style." 

Amanda Medsger,

Principal at Medsger Studio

I feel so lucky to have had Alice on speed dial these last few years. I have contracted Alice to work on a number of projects with our firm (mostly hospitality projects though I have no doubt she can do anything). I can always trust that when she is given a deadline, she will meet it. I never have to worry as she is always on top of things. She asks all the right questions and brings up design ideas and challenges that I hadn’t considered. She triple checks things and I feel so comfortable knowing the work has been done to a high standard. Alice is also extremely pleasant in demeanor and professional to work with. I can’t recommend her enough!

Ellen Saathoff,

Studio Director at Hai Hospitality

"We worked with Alice on finishing some odds and ends for an office project that wasn't fully completed during Covid, and it was a great help to have Alice execute the finishing touches! Alice was very easy-going and collaborative, remaining receptive to our design feedback along the way. I appreciated her mindfulness of our budget and flexibility in doing tasks that weren't always super glamorous but saved us a lot of time in finally getting across the finish line!"
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